Coyote's Garbage   

(as observed by Robert Oakes)

I have a Coyote that lives on my street and I tend to watch his comings and goings.  One of the things he does, is every garbage day he carries the mound of garbage he has down to the curb. Some of it is rotting, some of it he stole from other people, some of it is broken or things he no longer needs in his life.  It is a massive pile of garbage and he usually injures himself as he carries it on his back to the curb.  Once it is all there he sits down beside it, all the while looking very pleased with himself.  When the garbage man comes around , Coyote starts to growl. If the garbage man tries to cart any of it away, Coyote will lash out and try to bite him.  The garbage man, if he is new to the job, will try quite a few times to get the garbage, usually sustaining injuries to himself.  Otherwise if he is a veteran he will give up and move on to the next house.

After Coyote is sure his mound of refuse is safe, he will load it onto his back and make the slow and painful journey back to his home.  Every week he repeats this process, and every week the garbage heap gets a little bigger.